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At GFC Payroll Services, we understand a single payroll or tax mistake can damage employee confidence, hinder productivity and result in hours or even days of problem solving. But with GFC, you can sleep peacefully knowing we’ve got you covered. Our clients turn to us—payroll period after payroll period, month after month, year after year—for services that are accurate, confidential, reliable, personal, timely and economical. Rest assured that at GFC, we are #poweredbyexcellence.

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  • Payroll Services. At GFC, we’re old school and new school. Using our online payroll services, select the easiest and most convenient method for entering and submitting your payroll—online, using Excel spreadsheets via email—or dropping off timesheets. Our payroll services also include managing expenses. We’re here for you when you choose to change your method as your company grows and changes.
  • Online Payroll. Payroll processing at your fingertips. Anywhere. Anytime. Easy-to-use with fast set-up, our online payroll service ensures excellent quality and complete compliance. Transfer data via phone, fax or remote PC entry. Flexible for businesses in any industry and of any size, our system offers custom reporting features for any of your employees to access and use. Check out our demo center >>
  • Payroll Tax Services. Let GFC act as your one-stop-shop for employee compensation services, including quarterly payroll tax returns, year-end W-2s and 1099s. With our collective and vast experience in the industry, we can provide personalized support with IRS payroll tax issues, communication and resolution.
  • Time & Attendance. Seeking a hassle-free system for time and attendance tracking? Let GFC’s comprehensive time and attendance tool help your company monitor hours worked by your employees. Our easy-to-use reporting features can help you to reduce overtime, maximize time spent on the job and keep track of vacation time. Create your Online Employer account
  • Healthcare Reform. Rest assured GFC’s services include informed support with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Let our reliable and educated staff members sift through the mumbo jumbo and provide you with the latest requirement changes, information on who’s eligible and who’s not, deduction adjustments and resources to help you communicate eligibility and requirements to your employees.
  • Payroll Administration. GFC Payroll Services has an efficient staff that specializes in all forms of administration. If you need services, such as direct deposit, tax pay and file services, new hire reporting, 125/401k reports, custom programming, payment services, check stuffing, garnishments, third party payment checks, auto check signing, and quarterly reporting, we are just the right firm for you.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation confidential consultation. Let one of our customer-centered GFC staff members evaluate your needs and provide you with an array of custom designed services to help your company increase productivity and profitability.

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