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With GFC’s Support Products

At GFC Payroll Services, we offer a complete line of payroll processing support products to make your life easier and your business more profitable.

When it comes to payroll, a host of tasks and products comprise the entire process. Tracking employee hours spent on the job, deductions and benefits is just the first step. Next are the logistics— ensuring the right checks wind up in the right hands at the right time while at the same time, ensuring on-going, easy access to key payroll and payroll tax reports.

At Your Service… Ring the bell for support with…

  • Check Envelopes. Check envelopes are an important tool to protect the confidentiality of your employees’ salaries, wages and other key information. GFC can provide these envelopes to you as part of the payroll services you receive from our staff. Even better, if needed, we can also deliver the envelopes to you already stuffed with checks to save you time and money.

  • Employee Time Card and Name/Address Label Printing. No need to worry about shopping for employee time cards at your local office supply store. When you come to GFC, we’ll make sure you have all of the tools you need to track employee work time—including employee time cards. Oh, and we’ll even go the extra mile by creating labels with the employees’ names and contact information and then label each card.

  • From-To Check History Reporting. Get quick access to payments made to specific employees with from-to check history reports. If you’re one of GFC’s online payroll clients, access this information anytime through your business profile. However, manual payroll clients can simply call GFC for this information. We never hang up the “Do Not Disturb” sign.

  • Management Reports. Request a variety of management reports to gain deep insight into your business. Contact GFC for pay period recaps or reports on labor distribution, vacation or sick accrual, deductions, benefits, quarterly governmental summaries, worker’s compensation, labor distribution, pension and 401(k)—along with many others.

  • Report Binders. Let GFC Payroll Services help you to stay organized by providing you with binders to store your previous payroll records. We can compile them for you to give you easy access to payroll and payroll tax information when you need it.

  • Time Clock Badges. Need time clock badges for your staff members? Done. GFC Payroll Services offers these items as yet another convenient amenity. Just ask and we’ll deliver them to you customized with employee names, photos and bar codes.

Need GFC to provide any of the above products? GFC is at your service. Contact us today.

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