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Welcome to our demo center.  At GFC Payroll Services, we understand the importance of “hands on.” Before making important buying decisions, it’s important we actually experience the benefits of our desired products and services.  That’s why we’re pleased to introduce you to our demo center.

You bank online, you buy online and now you can process payroll and access employer services—online.

Tour No. 1

Our Online Payroll System
“Easy and breezy” is the best way to describe our safe, secure and accurate online payroll system. Thinking about going electronic with all of your payroll needs? GFC can help you to do just that. Take a virtual tour of our online payroll system to experience:
  • Our easy-to-use pay grid. See how simple and quick it is to enter regular, overtime and vacation hours for each employee.
  • Our intuitive interface. The left-hand navigation makes it easy for you to move from one step to the next throughout the entire payroll process.
  • Auto-populating lists. When moving throughout our system, lists of items such as deductions and choices for payroll reports will automatically appear. Our system anticipates your every need.
  • Two-step submission. When submitting payroll to our offices, do so quickly with our online payroll system. You can email your payroll and report requests in the final step of the process. Pre-entered email addresses means no typing in the recipients, a major timesaver. There's also a comment box to type in special requests such as asking us to send paychecks and reports to a different address. See for yourself!  Take the virtual tour of our online payroll system now.
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Tour No. 2

Online Employer Services
Save time and get to other projects by using our online employer services system. Simple-to-use, secure and accurate, this system can be used by all employees in your company with one company access code and individual usernames, passwords and data access permissions.  Take a tour of our online employer services to see how you, your managers and employees can do all of the following in one place:
  • Manage company positions
  • Track employee info such as salary history, training and job background
  • Store resumes and reviews electronically
  • Create custom reports or access templated reports
  • Manage user access to company data
  • View/print online paystubs and W-2s
  • Customize your company-wide message center to say things like, “Company luncheon in breakroom, 12 p.m. Today. Pizza, yum!”
  • View benefit options
  • Get employee emergency contact info and other healthy history
  • Access and run departmental reports
  • Access forms such as mileage expense or vacation request forms, the employee handbook and other employer related documents
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