The GFC Team…
At Your Service

Greetings, from your dedicated team at GFC Payroll Services! Since 1971, our company has provided reliable payroll services to businesses throughout Western New York and the entire U.S.

While we’ve evolved to using cutting-edge technology to support our excellent services, one thing we will not do is make you jump through technological hoops to do business with us. We will not expect you to fill out a form on our website as the only means to reach us. And when you call our offices, you will not get an automated voice that tells you to “Press 1 for this,” “2 for that” and “3 for this” when you need services right away.  We will give you the personal attention you deserve

We never hang up the “Do Not Disturb” Sign.

At GFC, personalized customer service is our crucial ingredient to our great team. It is why our clients come to us payroll period after payroll period, quarter after quarter and year after year for their payroll and payroll tax needs.  We will take the time to get to know your business and understand your unique needs. We’re here to help your business succeed.

Ready to receive service with a smile? Contact GFC or drop by our offices today.

Locally owned and operated since 1973.